It is difficult to imagine what the intricate and diverse duties our blood has to perform to keep us feeling good. It tirelessly supplies oxygen from our lungs to cells and transports carbon dioxide back as waste product, carries nutrients, hormones and waste products, regulates acid-alkaline balance of the body, keeps the temperature optimal as well as protects the body from invading bacteria or loosing too much blood. The picture on the left illustrates what unhealthy blood looks like compared with the optimal state (on the right).   There are a lot of aspects involved if we want to maintain or improve  our blood system health but probably most powerful result would be achieved with proteolytic enzymes.


Some blood basics

Can enzymes keep our blood balanced and prevent us from stroke and other cardiovascular disease?

Cholesterol & Blood

A high-saturated fat diet is not necessarily harmful to the arteries as shown by the renowned diet of the Maasai people, who were among the strongest and healthiest on earth despite their high fat diet.